We at Counterpoint have always valued the benefits of reading and continued learning throughout life. Reading, whether its volumes of non-fiction, national best-sellers, high fantasy, or even local newspapers, is proven to help one relax, concentrate, improve their vocabulary, and even increase creativity and imagination. So, in the name of furthering education, and as a means to motivate, Counterpoint introduces our first ever annual reading challenge!

The concept is simple: Read one (1) book per block listed on the chart. Readers should not have read any of the books before, and can’t count one book for more than one block. Once finished with a given book, annotate the title, author and date completed on the chart. Once finished with all blocks, submit it to Counterpoint to be considered for one of our prizes!

In order to truly motivate more people, including children, to read, we have made a youth version of our 2022 Reading Challenge also. Same rules apply as above, and we will be awarding prizes in the youth category also! Join us in spreading the benefits of reading.

Photo copyright: Copyright © 2022 Good e-Reader Inc

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