Counterpoint is an open-forum discussion site, aimed at creating dialogue and logical solutions to the myriad of issues that we face.

Ultimately, Counterpoint will be the springboard for a think tank/consortium/consulting group focused on both domestic and international affairs and policy.

Counterpoint was founded by Tim Grega in 2018. Grega, an Army veteran with over 20 years of military experience, wanted the ability to continually and openly discuss current events with former teammates, friends, and others, in an environment that wasn’t marred by political mud-slinging and divisive rhetoric. At the same time, he was tossing around the idea of starting a consulting business/think tank combination. These ideas came from Grega’s military intelligence career when, portions of nearly every day were allotted for members of his various teams to discuss various mission sets. Everything from broad-brushed country studies, to historical actions of given governments, to individual personnel biographies were open for discussion and analysis. This sort of “campfire tale” atmosphere, with real people and locations as the topics, led to successful “real world” outcomes.

The hope for Counterpoint is to get our society involved in pushing past all of the muck and mire of the media circus, and actually investigate our world; look at life through a logical perspective and think for yourself; think critically of all information presented to you, in effort to develop legitimate solutions to the crises facing the population worldwide. Through our various discussions, we aim to present national and world leadership with these solutions and hold our representatives accountable for change.



Topics related to national level policies that affect the United States and her citizenry. This includes state-level topics which might influence federal decision making.


This category includes all topics relevant to United States interactions with other countries, their governments, and their people.


This category covers all issues related to the U.S. Legal, Criminal Justice, and Corrections systems. Law Enforcement at all levels and types is also covered here within.


Any and all topics related to either United States or foreign intelligence operations are included in this category. Historical and contemporary operations and policies are included as well.


Any topics directly related to “the media” or contemporary news are covered under this category. All types of media may fall into this category.

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