“Can our society comprehend/handle the true reality?”

There is forever so much to say about American society and our country. As of late, it seems as though our information outlets (private and government media sources) are being outed more and more for their false reporting and flat out lies. This brings up a huge question that has remained at the forefront of society for some time now; “Do we, the American people, deserve to know the actual truth about any given topic that is presented to us through our government and private sources?”

retrieved from: https://ruinmyweek.com/memes/jeffrey-epstein-memes/

By now I am certain everyone has at least heard of the name Jeffery Epstein. You can’t open any social media app without seeing some form of a meme or article on his questionable death. While some might find this continued push to keep his situation in the headlines, this highlights a much greater problem than Mr. Epstein himself; Journalistic integrity. Have you ever wondered how our media outlets decide when coverage of a given topic is enough and it is time to dump the story? What about how they decide whether to cover a story or not at all? How do we, the consumers, the public, the equal members of society influence our media outlets to provide us with the actual truth of a given situation or event? Should we expect the truth?

Having first hand knowledge of certain events that were never disseminated by our governmental or public media outlets, I can easily state that there are things that occur in our country, and abroad, which our American society is not capable of accepting, nor effectively dealing with. Does this make it right or wrong that the “powers that be” will most likely never release some information? Think about some of the largest “conspiracies” that you have ever heard of. Now stop and think longer about how our country and our people would react if those “conspiracies” were actually founded true…

retrieved from: https://www.wired.com/2007/10/st-best/

What would have changed if we found out that President John F. Kennedy’s assassination was truly a sanctioned hit by the Russians? How would our populace react if we found out that there truly is a small group of extremely wealthy and influential families who operate our governments from the shadows, killing our own people for some greater scheme? If our government was in fact holding truly alien, extra-terrestrial life and technology, secret from the world, what would the global reaction and sentiment be then?

What if a man found guilty of extremely vile acts was actually murdered in order to cover up high level government officials, head of state, and world wide power families, all guilty of equally and worse depravity themselves?

Are we as a society prepared to handle some of these truths? Even in the case that we truly are not ready, who gets to make the decision whether or not we as a society should know? With the “leak” of a supposed hot mic discussion concerning the Jeffery Epstein case, the Clintons, and potentially much more, it’s extremely odd that our media has still not picked the case back up. But then again, it seems that our media also forgot about the fact that North Korea is still test firing missiles which would ultimately carry nuclear payloads. They also somehow no longer seem to care that we still have United States military personnel deployed, throughout the Middle East, Southwest Asia, and elsewhere, in active combat. Let us not forget the fact that we have an ever-increasing drug problem within our own borders, caused in no small part by “Big Pharma”. Where has all of the coverage and information gone on these “breaking news” topics?!

Do we deserve to know the truth?

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